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Trading throughout the busiest time of year has never been easier.

While you’re stocking up in preparation for the festive season the team at Campbells have created a Wholesale Solutions Hub that offers insights and advice on how to capitalise on the Christmas trade.

Welcome to the Wholesale Solutions Hub.

Each week we will be bringing to you a number of video and editorial pieces to help you throughout the festive season and beyond. The first of our 12 part series is:

Gain invaluable insights, hints and tips on how to boost your Christmas Trade over the busiest time of year.

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It’s a well-known fact that summer and Christmas is the busiest time of year for the hospitality industry. Although with the constant pressures of CODB associated with overheads like increased wages, business owners often feel more of a financial pinch than a desired financial flow. Here’s three easy ways to maximise earnings in other areas, like product performance to start to get the most out of this festive season.

1) Use high quality private label or bulk sizes to your advantage

There are a range of private label products that have been designed specifically for use in food service kitchens. These low cost, quality items will save you money and still add value to your menu. 

Don’t forget that portion controlling and buying larger bulk products for your business can also help reduce your overheads, without sacrificing the quality of the end product.

2) Think for the customer

This could be as simple as providing impulse confectionery like chocolates or gum at the counter for a well-deserved sugar boost, or novelty gifts so customers can grab them on the go. It’s the small things that make the biggest difference at this time of year.

Empathise with your customer over the Christmas period and go that extra step to make their experience with your business a positive one. By value adding you’re increasing the likelihood of return patronage and encouraging word of mouth to new customers.

3) Make what you trade perform – maximize product potential 

This could be as simple as providing impulse confectionery like chocolates or gum at the counter for a well-deserved sugar boost, or novelty gifts so customers can grab them on the go. It’s the small things that make the biggest difference at this time of year.

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By planogramming your retail space the right way you could see substantial impact on how successfully your business trades throughout the festive season. A well planned space will get a customer to think about other items they may want in addition to the products they are needing to buy.

Create a shopping experience that embraces

the spirit of the season.

Christmas is the perfect time to demonstrate difference,
people usually plan their shopping, so maximise on
their time in-store. One way to do this is by offering
samples, activating other senses like taste and smell
can lead to impulse purchases.

Increase basket size during the key trading period. 

Create a one stop opportunity for shoppers to fulfill their Christmas   needs. Have your Christmas range bundled together to encourage   cross-selling. For instance if they’re looking for Christmas cards, 
also place the sticky tape, scissors and small gifts in the same area.

Planogram your store to ‘upsell’ customers.

To upsell customers you need to demonstrate difference
by doing the following:

• Stock a high quality range of products
• Offer inspiration as 2 out of 3 shoppers actively look
   for inspirational ideas in store
• Promote and showcase special range seasonal items

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Throughout 2017 we’ve seen customer behaviour and trends be the driving change within the

convenience sector internationally.

And with the influence of overseas markets brings great opportunities for the Australian convenience sector. In the US and UK there is a huge shift with forecourt and convenience businesses starting to lead the way in experimenting with new store formats, new services and products. Gone are the days of simply offering traditional convenience products to customers. The range of products sold is broadening to meet the changing needs of consumers who are looking for fresh, healthy, food-to-go and food-for-later. Technology is also playing it’s part, enhancing the way customers engage and interact with the channel. What this means is there is huge potential to increase your customers experience by offering more. Things like barrister made coffee, fresh food and juices are what is selling well and increasing repeat business.

Coffee is king.

Coffee is a customer favourite and is a ‘draw card’ in convenience to drive customer traffic, encourage repeat traffic and increase their basket size by purchasing complimentary products.

  Food for now,

  Food for later. 

Product innovation is providing food solutions for time poor customers.
With creations of ready to eat or food to go solutions that taste great, and are great value for money.

Healthy Options.

There is a growing need to cater for the healthy customer with fresh fruit and healthy food alternatives.

  Easy order

  mobile apps. 

When you order, how you order and where you order from is fast becoming  the norm for customers wanting payment convenience, ease of ordering and speed of service.

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Shaking things up as a small scale business is the perfect way to keep customers interested. So why not host a Pop-up.

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The weather is getting warmer, daylight savings has kicked in and you’re most likely starting to think about your summer plan. With customers looking for last minute gifts, convenience over summer is key. Petrol and Convenience stores offer the perfect solution with longer opening hours than other retail outlets.

Make the most of this opportunity.

Have a plan set early with key strategies in place, like displaying festive themed confectionary or gift lines from as early as mid-November.

Think of where they will be placed and what signage you will need to make it easier for your customers to take advantage of what’s on offer.


There’s 8 weeks of summer holidays and families travelling together, so make sure you stock what they will be looking for. Essentials like sunglasses, hats, sunblock and seasonal general merchandise products are all lines that experience an uplift of 2 to 3 times the

It’s those last minute items like portable chargers, car chargers and bluetooth speakers that will experience higher demand as customers look for ways to entertain the family on holiday or spend days at the beach.

Be ready for the warmer weather and identify summer’s best sellers, displaying them where they are easy to find. For example, your ice-cream cooler unit should be positioned where a customer can see it even before they walk into the store.

Remember to plan early so you can be the refreshing solution that customers are looking for this festive season.

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Plan. Prepare. Profit. In three easy steps you can have the perfect Christmas Menu and more.

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