Flora ProActiv spread is a great tasting margarine that is clinically proven to reduce cholesterol by just using 25g a day over three weeks. FPA contains plant sterols which assist in lowering cholesterol, along with healthy diet and exercise. Flora Proactiv is ideal for cooking as well, so if you go on the website you can get great recipes for you and your family as well as a starter kit to help you lower your cholesterol. Flora ProActiv is the #1 Cholesterol lowering margarine in Australia and is recommended by doctors and dieticians. With a mission to help people look good, feel good and get more out of life, and a background in nutrition research, Unilever has been at the forefront of developing heart healthy margarine spreads for over 40 years. Pioneering Heart Healthy Spreads - The link between increased consumption of saturated fats and poor heart health was firmly established in the 1950s. Unilever responded to this in 1964 by launching a polyunsaturated margarine, the healthier alternative to butter, lard and hard margarine which are all high in saturated fats. Since then Flora products have all been adapted in line with new scientific knowledge. Introducing Plant Sterol Enriched Foods. A more recent addition to the Flora range is Flora ProActiv plant sterol enriched spreads, which have been proven to actively reduce cholesterol absorption. In 1999, the first Flora ProActiv plant sterol enriched spread was launched in Australia. Great for spreading, cooking and baking.
Code:  0000125591
GTIN:  9310003001333
Unit of Measure: per 100g
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Product details
Net Contents / UOM
250.0 GRM
Country of origin
Manufacturer Name
Packaging Material
Plastic - Vacuum Formed
Storage Instructions
Per kilogram
INGREDIENTS: Vegetable oils, water, phytosterol esters (8% plant sterols), salt, milk solids, emulsifiers (soy lecithin, 471), preservative (202), food acid (lactic acid), natural flavours, vitamins (A, D), natural colour (β-carotene).
GM Ingredients Used
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